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What makes Smart Hemp CBD so unique and better than the other product?

We are proud of the product that’s been made specific for pets and the unique way you benefit from using Smart Hemp products for your pet.   Our product is Veterinarian Formulated which means it is made specific for pet(s). Servings are specific to your pet’s weight so they get just what they need. We use US-based hemp product and ensure every order will be consistent and non-toxic for your pet. A wide-variety of product options allow you to find the one that’s just right for your pet. We tally your purchases and, as the longevity of purchasing products occurs, you’ll benefit with on-going savings as you help your pet.

Is Phytocannabinoid Rich hemp (PCR) the same as Cannabidiol (or CBD)?


What is ‘SMART HEMP’?

Smart Hemp is a term we use for our products because they are Veterinarian Formulated, all-natural, premium quality with exceptional bio-availability and specific for pets.

Is Smart Hemp CBD legal in the United States?

Yes, Smart Hemp CBD products are 100% legal in all 50 States (and 40 countries around the world). By purchasing the product you are in no way breaking the law. Every product is entirely contains ZERO THC so it is not only legal, it is safe for your pet too. The FDA considers hemp and hemp-derived extracts to be food-based products, and as such, there are no legal restrictions on their production, sale or consumption in the United States, as well as most of the industrialized world. However, the FDA does not evaluate phytocannabinoid products, just as they don’t for other human-based supplements and thus, ‘no phytocannabinoid product for humans or pets has been evaluated by the FDA or can claim to diagnose, treat or cure any disease’.

    Where are Smart Hemp CBD products made?

    Smart Hemp CBD products are manufactured in the USA with certified organically, non-GMO hemp products.

    What is Hemp and Hemp Oil?

    Hemp oils are naturally occurring compounds found in plants. These oils have been cultivated for thousands of years because of the healthy way they interact with the Endocannabinoid system (or ECS).

    Does my pet have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

    Yes – all mammals have an ECS. The ECS is involved in almost every system in your pet’s body. Those systems involved are: cardiovascular, cognitive/memory, digestion, and relaxation functions. A pet’s ECS plays a role in his/her anti-inflammatory efforts. ECS, whether a human’s or a pet’s, is regulated by receptors called CB1 and CB2.

    How do cannabinoids work in the body?

    All animals have a natural messenger cannabinoid called anandamide. It stimulates receptors present in the brain and throughout your pet. Phytocannabinoids attach to those same receptors and resist letting go, making the effect more powerful and longer lasting. Thus helping your pet with their ailment.

    Can Smart Hemp CBD help my pet?

    A hemp-based product will work with the ECS system, challenging the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors - One of the most abundant receptors in the brain, are found in almost every neuron in a dog, cat or horse’s body. CB2 receptors - Found almost exclusively in your pet’s immune system. Smart Hemp products incorporate full-spectrum, terpene rich phytocannabinoid rich hemp, a compound found in the natural world that interacts well with these receptors. According to scientists, a mammal’s body (including dogs, cats and horses) evolved to require phytocannabinoids in order to function at optimal levels of health. Scientists also found that the CB1 & CB2 receptors, when activated by phytocannabinoids, allow for two-way communication between your dog, cat or horse’s various body systems. This is one of the main reasons scientists think a phytocannabinoid product (such as Smart Hemp) might effectively address a pet’s health issues.

    Are these products only for pets that are sick?

    No, Smart Hemp CBD products are fine for pets of all ages and can be incorporated as a daily supplement, or neuroprotectant, to help your pet.

    What options of Smart Hemp CBD products are available?

    Smart Hemp CBD provides pet owners with multiple products to choose from:

    • Capsules in 30 count packages that target: Relaxation/Anti-Anxiety, Inflammation/Anti-Pain, and Oncology Support. Smart Hemp CBD Capsules are formulated with 10mg of premium Hemp Derived CBD and special terpenes that target the specific condition.
    • Tincture (Oil) in convenient 30ml bottles with a 1ml dropper. Two Smart Hemp Tinctures (flavorless) are offered in two strengths – 150mg bottles and 450mg bottles (for all pets).  We also have a 200mg bottle including Bacon flavor for dogs and a 450mg hi-potency tincture/oil specific for cats.
    • Soft Bites (Edible) in 30-count and 60-count packages. Smart Hemp Soft Bites are a convenient way to give your dog a small portion of phytocannabinoids on a daily basis.
    • Soft Gels (Gel Cap) in 30-count and 60-count packages. Smart Hemp Soft Gels are small liquid gel capsules with 10mg of phytocannabinoids for pets used to taking pills and tablets
    • Hemp Meal (Powder) – Smart Hemp Hemp Meal is a simple, powdered phytocannabinoid that can be mixed in with a pet’s morning and/or afternoon daily feeding. It can be used with dry or moist pet food.
    • Topical Balm (Lotion/Ointment) for skin irritations, rashes, itching. Smart Hemp Balm is offered in two sizes – a 1oz or 2oz jar.
    • Equine Pellets – Smart Hemp Equine Pellets are perfect for adding to a horse’s morning and evening feed.
    • Biscuits - Smart Hemp Biscuits come in a multi-flavored pack (Chicken & Apple, Beef, Turkey, Sausage, Peanut Butter, and Bacon) and include about 60 biscuits per package.  Each biscuit has 5mg of water soluable CBD.  It's a great way to provide a portion of phytocannabinoids on a daily basis.

    How should I store my product?

    Store your Smart Hemp CBD product in an area with a moderate temperature and remains dry.

    What does “Veterinarian Formulated” mean?

    Our reference to “Veterinarian Formulated” means our products are safe for your pet. You can confidently purchase a Smart Hemp CBD product knowing the product was manufactured to a veterinarian’s formula. The serving sizes are based on the veterinarian’s research and actual use. Smart Hemp CBD products contain NO THC – and are safe for dogs, cats and horses.

    How long does it take to see results?

    As fast as your pet’s body can digest the product, it will begin circulating through your pet’s system, taking effect on your pet in about 45-minutes to 1-hour. For more persistent issues, allow a few days of use (following the serving requests) to see how your pet reacts over the short term. Implementing Smart Hemp CBD into your pet’s daily nutrition can become a vital element to its daily diet.

    Will Smart Hemp CBD help my pet’s medical condition?

    Unfortunately, the FDA prohibits us from discussing any diseases or medical conditions in conjunction with Smart Hemp CBD products. We recommend you try our Smart Hemp products for a one month duration. During this time, observe the individual results and what is occurring with your pet. You can also contact your veterinarians to discuss specific areas of your individual pet. We’re so confident you and your pet will benefit from Smart Hemp CBD, we offer our 30-day money back guarantee.

    Are the products safe for dogs and cats?

    Smart Hemp CBD products are safe for both cats and dogs alike. Our Veterinarian Formulated products are based on animal weight which determines the supplement serving size.

    How much will it cost to ship my product?

    We currently offer a flat rate shipping – $7.95.

    What if my product is damaged when it arrives?

    If your product is damaged, contact us and we’ll work with you to get the damaged product sent back and a new, undamaged product out to you.

    What is the shelf life of Smart Hemp CBD products?

    Our products have a shelf life of 18-24 months.

    Do I need to have a prescription to purchase Smart Hemp CBD products?

    No, prescriptions are necessary. Smart Hemp CBD does not require a prescription from your veterinarian. However, we recommend you consult with your vet if your pet is currently taking a prescription medication.

    What should I do if my pet is already on a prescription medicine prescribed by my veterinarian?

    Before giving your pet a Smart Hemp CBD product, please consult your vet should your pet be taking a prescription medication! This will eliminate the chance of interactions which could harm your pet or decrease the prescription medication performance.

    Is consistency important when using a hemp product for my pet?

    It’s important to pet owners they get the same product every time they order a phytocannabinoid product. Smart Hemp CBD works with only the best source of organic hemp which is processed to be pure and consistent, batch-after-batch. Smart Hemp CBD inventory is produced specifically for us – and we have Certificates of Analysis for every item shipped to us. 

    Should I be concerned with toxicity?

    Toxicity is something to be aware of when buying hemp-based products. Phytocannabinoids are not toxic – but we recommend following usage instructions that are featured on this website. It is important not to exceed recommended usage – and although side effects are mild, they can include sleepiness. High intake of phytocannabinoids in a pet can result in mild nausea or mild vomiting. If this occurs, just reduce the serving size per day. If side effects persist, discontinue use and see your vet.

    Does Smart Hemp CBD have a third party to test their products?

    Yes, a third-party lab tests and certifies each product shipment to ensure purity. This testing is an additional step to assure pet owners the Smart Hemp they purchase is exactly as advertised. Certificates of Analysis — please contact us.

    Will my pet get high off these products, is it pot?

    No, your pet will not get high, but can see benefits from using Smart Hemp CBD. This is NOT POT. There is ZERO THC in our products which is what causes the hallucinogenic effect.

    Can you tell me if Smart Hemp CBD products have THC?

    All Smart Hemp products contain ZERO THC. Despite the proliferation of phytocannabinoid products on the market, many people are confused about whether a phytocannabinoid rich hemp product is psychoactive and will make their pet “high”. The answer is – it will not because the hemp products we sell are completely free of any THC … include no pesticides, herbicides, solvents, trace metals, etc. Purity is a key for Smart Hemp CBD.

    Where does Smart Hemp CBD get its hemp?

    We are proud Smart Hemp is organically grown, highest quality hemp from domestic and U.S. owned and controlled foreign hemp fields.  Everything is processed, formulated, tested and certified in the U.S.  The entire Smart Hemp CBD team is located in the U.S.

    Do you have a return policy for your products?

    Yes. Our return policy is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If, during 30-days from receipt of product a customer is not 100% satisfied with their purchase, Smart Hemp CBD will take it back and provide a refund. However, it is important we be contacted prior to any return so we can provide a Return Authorization Number – as we cannot take back randomly returned packages. Please visit our policies page for more information.