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Serving Charts

On this page: detailed ‘Serving-by-Weight’ chart for all Smart Hemp CBD products. While each label on our bottles and canisters provide the general directions for use, many customers like the additional details provided in this chart.

The detailed chart helps you determine serving size for your pet. Reminder, these charts give you the full-day’s serving for that product. If you are buying more than one product, you will adjust your servings to make sure you are giving your pet smaller servings so when in total for the day, they are getting the proper amount. If you have any questions, please use our contact form to request help from us.

The general recommendation for starting your pet on hemp (if you don’t have previous experience using hemp products for your pet) are:

  • Find your pet’s weight on the charts
  • Unless you have prior hemp experience with your pet (i.e. you're just starting with hemp CBD)…
    • Start with the week one serving size for your pet
    • Starting week 2, proceed to the lower serving size
    • If after another week or so of observation, if you're seeing less response as you did when you started, it's okay to increase serving size
    • All pets are different -- so as you move to the "week 2 and beyond" level, it's okay to boost serving sizes
  • Some pet owners addressing specific issues give their pets higher serving sizes. Do this only if you have experience or if you choose to increase to higher serving levels on your own.
Thank you for purchasing Smart Hemp from Smart Hemp CBD!  Contact us if you have questions!

Click the Serving Chart below to open a PDF -- which allows you to print a copy.