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I am blown away by your customer service! I ordered on Friday and received it on Saturday. Right in time for me to run out of the chews. My Rusty boy gets one with his food in the morning and another in the evening. The difference they have made is amazing and so appreciated.  Though I know this is the last summer we will have him with us, I thank you, your company and your products for this extra time we do have with him.

~ Laura L.


I just have to say that I was planning and looking at putting my nearly 14 year old German shepherd to sleep because he wasn't enjoying life anymore. He couldn't run or play or stand up. I bought the CBD oil and the CBD chews a little over a month ago and he's running and playing and chewing on treats and eating his food again. 

~ Happy Customer


#1  WOWZA incredible results, photos below. I am now giving CBD to her in the morning only and the balm is also keeping her from wanting to lick that area. Notice the fur coming back!!!!!

#2  Maggie is almost completely healed which is awesome! We have only about a fingernail size of repair left — but she has responded dramatically with the CBD!

~ Ron V.




Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work into your products! I'm beyond grateful my friend and I decided to talk to you at a dog show. We have since seen you at all the local dog, and cat shows and you always answer all my questions or get back to me. My neurological kitten who has seizures has been on the tincture for 4 months (along with a seizure med), 2 months ago I decided to ween him off his seizures medication and just keep the tincture on board. He has not had a single seizure since being on it and has such a good quality of life now! After having such a good experience with my kitten I decided to try the horse pellets for my old arthritic mini. George is a 25+ year old mini who is way more woah then go and doesn’t know what fast walk even means. Since adding the pellets to his feed he has pep in his step and is also challenging my full size horse now to who can get to the food first. He has also had minimal hoof issues since starting the pellets. All my fur kids (& myself) greatly appreciate your products and dedication to educating your customers!

~  Heather M. 


We rescued our 8-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel a year ago. After a couple of weeks in our house he had a seizure. It was really shocking. I took him to the vet and they said to watch him. He had another 2 weeks later, this one much worse. It’s heartbreaking to watch. You feel so helpless. The doctor prescribed a drug that kept the seizures at bay. But the drug was negatively affecting his liver; a known side effect. Months go by and the vet says his liver numbers are exceedingly high, he needs to switch to a different drug. I asked the vet about CBD as I’ve read how well it works for people with seizures. She didn’t have enough information to guide me and wouldn’t recommend it. She writes the new prescription and a few days later I get a box in the mail. I opened it and pulled out an orange plastic biohazard bag that contained the bottle of pills. I knew at that point I wouldn’t be giving him that medicine and that I was going to give CBD a try. My vet worked out a weaning schedule for his prescription and with help of the Smart Hemp website, I determined a ramp-up schedule for the CBD that was an appropriate dose for him by using his weight and his condition. Within a few weeks we noticed that he had more energy and was able to go up and down stairs easier. Not too long after that I noticed that he was acting like a much younger version of himself. It was so wonderful to witness. We have been on CBD only now for a couple of months and he has had no seizures. At his vet appointment last week we had his liver retested. Back in the normal range. How wonderful to have a natural product with no side effects that really works!  I truly hope that more veterinarians will be accepting CBD as a drug of choice for many conditions. I’m certain we will have our dog with us much longer now. Thank you Smart Hemp CBD!

~ Jenn W.


We have a dog with hotspots. He scratches a lot so we used the Smart Hemp Topical Balm and it started clearing up the hotspots in one night. We are very pleased!  

~ Max W.


We have a dog named Rudy. He’s a shelter dog our family found in KY, where we instantly fell in love him.  Rudy’s severe anxiety causes him to shake constantly and regularly he removes himself from the room when people are around.  We heard about Smart Hemp CBD Anti-Anxiety Capsules from a family friend.  We thought, why not give them a try.  Well we are so happy we did…Rudy is so much more relaxed, trusting and comfortable after just the first two days on this product!  Thank you soooo much Smart Hemp CBD.  

~ Liv O


My husband and I recently made a very, big, unplanned decision – adopting a dog from a rescue shelter. Our little rescue, a terrier mix named Fika, was ~10 months old when we adopted her. She was pretty fearful, timid, and anxious around most strangers, and especially males. We struggled a lot with leash reactivity when walking in the beginning, but with a lot of resources available, were able to get that under control However, her biggest challenge was separation anxiety. Luckily we have an unfinished basement and were able to put her down there while we went to work, but she was shredding and chewing EVERYTHING! The wood stairs, the door, the walls, and more. She would often just pace up and down the stairs for the full 8 hours we were away. That’s when a friend told us about Smart Hemp CBD and we gave it a try! We started with 1 capsule every morning, and we saw a big change within the first few weeks. Although, she still chews when she gets hyper-anxious, the amount and level is much lower than before. She also has stopped pacing up and down the stairs (as much)! We still aren’t done with working on this with Fika, so we are now hoping to give the new anti-anxiety CBD pill a shot! Rescues are definitely stubborn ones, but we know she will be totally worth it!

~Kayla S.


If you have or know Miniature Pinschers, than you know how highly strung they can be. Our Min-Pin’s name is Luda and the sound of fireworks makes him tremble uncontrollably. With the 4th of July just around the corner, my wife and I started looking for something that would help him calm down. In the past we'd tried Benadryl, a Thunder Coat, and even calming oils. They all helped in their own way, but nothing stopped the trembling. With medical marijuana so common these days, we started checking it out for pets. We found a product called Smart Hemp Soft Bites for Dogs. It’s grown organically and is THC free so we decided to give it a try. On July 2nd we began giving Luda 1 treat, twice-a-day (per the instructions) to start building up the active ingredient in his system. He loved the treat so giving it to him was no problem. Now, the 4th has come and gone and the results are in. When the fireworks began, all Luda did was look at my wife and I to see how we were reacting. We didn’t react and neither did he. And there was no trembling. It made for a "Happy 4th of July!"

~ Blake S.


Lucy is our six-year-old white lab that is always getting “hotspots”. She developed a very large area under her neck that was not healing. I started using Smart Hemp CBD products, starting with the Smart Hemp tincture two times a day. This really helped with her scratching. It wasn’t until I started using the Smart Hemp topical pet balm that I really started seeing some great results. The hotspots stopped oozing and smelling. I would recommend Smart Hemp CBD products and will continue to use them with Lucy.
~ Lori M.

This past weekend we were at the racetrack and my friends 80 pound dog hates storms and fireworks — and there were fireworks that evening.  I gave her some of my Smart Hemp stash and she said it worked wonders and is ready to purchase!  She did the drops and the gel pills - and she said Lilly did great.  When I saw Lilly later that night and she was super calm.  Normally she gives her 4 Benadryl and then she still shakes and really doesn’t work. I think your product is wonderful!

~ Denise H.